Saturday, August 18, 2012

Inspiring colors

Over a short period of time, I kept coming across the color combination orange, brown, and white.  First, a friend was wearing a great dress with those colors.  Then I received as a gift a box of candy brought back from Japan.  Finally, I was at a friend's house and that interior designer friend had created a pillow with fabric with colors similar to the ones that I kept seeing.

The last two photos show the washcloths or dishcloths that I crocheted out of 100% cotton yarn that combine white, brown, cream, and a deep salmon. While not exactly the colors from the items that inspired me and with the colors being more muted, the color combination that I kept seeing drew me to this yarn when I was selecting one to buy for making these handmade cloths.  The color combination will be appearing in other creations that I make such as jewelry, hats, and soap.  In the last picture is one of my soaps that I make that picked up the brown in the washcloth. 

So it will not always be the case that what inspires you gets literally translated into your creations, but it may spark an interest in a new color, texture, material, technique, or something else related to your creative process.  Have you ever found similar inspiration from seeing similar color combinations over and over and thinking that you have to do something in those colors? 

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