Saturday, September 22, 2012

Soap Balls

Soap balls

Do you make cold process or hot process soap?  Have you ever tried making soap balls instead of bars of soap?  What do you do with your little bits of soap leftover from making your batch of homemade soap?

These soap balls are small ones that fit nicely in your hands and are about the size of guest soaps.  If you make cold process or hot process soap yourself, this is a nice way to use the last bits left in your soap pot.  You must use the same safety precautions that you use with making soap bars, including, but not limited to goggles, gloves, and covering for your clothes.  After you have put your soap bars into your soap mold, you are sometimes left with a small amount of raw soap in your soap pot.  Just carefully scoop out the raw soap and hand roll the balls in your gloved hands.  Then cure them for the amount of time that you cure your soap bars.  I made these for my Etsy shop and cured them for the same amount of weeks that I cured the bars before offering them for sale.  Due to the small size of the soap balls, I offered them in sets.   I think I will try to make more next time I do another batch of soap.  At some point, I may do a whole batch as soap balls instead of as bars, because they are just so cute. 

 Have you ever used soap balls for bathing or washing your hands?  Do you prefer them to soap bars? 

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